We locate valves and wiring.

More often than not valves are lost to time, the lids completely covered. When the valve fails it must be located to be repaired, even with the best equipment and skilled operators this can be a challenge as no two system layouts are the same. Some systems have all the valves together (manifold), while others have them randomly placed in the lawn and landscape (satellite). Each zone has its own valve.

We find, locate, and repair valves and broken wires on a regular basis. The cost varies greatly between jobs, as no two locates are the same.

We start with a $80 service call / Inspection to see what will run and get a feel for the system layout, then there is a $12.00 locate fee along with $110 per hour labor to locate valves and wires. We cannot locate PVC piping unless it has a tracer wire as pvc will not conduct a tracing signal.

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